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Xray Parts

High accuracy CNC machined aluminum upgrade hop ups parts for Xray RC Cars.  Good Quality, Design & Prices from Yeah Racing!  Get it from our dealers today!

Model: XR-T4-026
Yeah Racing Titanium Turnbuckle set for Xray T4 #XR-T4-026 Description: Upgrade the Servo Link, Camber link and steering linkages to titanium with this value set!..
Model: XR-T4-010BK
Yeah Racing Aluminum Adjustable Lipo Battery Mount For XRAY T4 Black #XR-T4-010BK Description: Use this adjustable battery mount to fine tune the front and rear weight balance of your Xray T4! Both front and rear mounts can be adjusted independently, secure your LiPo with the velcro included!..
Model: YA-0541
Yeah Racing Brass Chassis Balancing Weights for 1/10 Touring & Drift 6pcs #YA-0541 Description: Strategically place weights on either your drift or touring car to balance your car or either shift the weight balance front or rear! This set comes with both 8 and 13g weights...
Model: XR-T4-025
Yeah Racing Camberlink Stiffener Set For Xray T4 #XR-T4-025 Description: Camberlink stiffener for Xray's T4 Series! By changing the link to a triangular link system, the c-hub is therefore sitffened and therefore providing with more predictable handling. After extensive testing, this part will b..
Model: XR-T4-017
Yeah Racing Drive Belt Front 171T 513 3MM For Xray T4 #XR-T4-017 Description: Upgrade Front belt for either Xray's T4, made from strong and flexible material giving a more long lasting and efficicent drivetrain...
Model: XR-T4-016
Yeah Racing Drive Belt Rear 63T 189 3MM For Xray T4 Yokomo BD7 #XR-T4-016 Description: Upgrade rear belt for either Xray's T4 or Yokomo's BD7, made from strong and flexible material giving a more long lasting and efficicent drivetrain...
Model: TARF-002
Yeah Racing Rear Belt 61T For Tamiya TRF419 #TARF-002..
Model: XR-T4-027
Yeah Racing Spring Steel Double Joint Driveshaft for Xray T3 T4 #XR-T4-027 Description: In the current age of brushless and LiPo power, a pair of DCJ in the front is a must have for smooth and consistent cornering. By having double joints, the angle of the universal at full steering lock is reduced..
Model: TSAS-0011
Description:Replace all the screws to lower weight and not having to worry about rusting screws...
Model: TSAS-0016
Description:Titanium upgrade screw pacakge, replace all the screws to lower weight and the chance of rusting screws after running your rc in the wet!..
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