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We have Aluminum Upgrade Hop Up Parts for Tamiya TT-02B. Quality Product at good price

Model: TATT-055BU
Description:Spring loaded quick change battery holders for Tamiya's TT01 and TT02! Highly adjustable for different types of batteries, including different height posts to use with either normal or LCG batteries! Without using tape, the chassis is not under pressure and will not tweak!..
Model: WL-0164RD
Description:Aluminum rims for use with Tamiya's buggies which run a 12mm hex in the front and rear! Higher durability at the expense of a little weight increase...
Model: TATT-057BU
Description:Aluminum servo and Gyro mount, being made of aluminum allows for it to double as a heatsink for your highspeed servos which may become hot...
Model: TATT-021
Description:True oil filled gear differential for Tamiya's TT02 and TT01! Design based on 1/10 competition touring car differentials to ensure smoother operation and oil sealed operation! Comes with driveshaft blade protectors to protect driveshafts and differential outdrive!..
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