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Tamiya TC01 Upgrade Parts by Yeah Racing for you to upgrade your Tamiya TC-01 RC Formula E Touring Car for the best performance.

Tamiya TC-01 is an R/C model assembly kit depicting the GEN2 car used from 2018 in the Formula E championship, the pinnacle of electric car racing. The sleek, high-tech body with arch covered wheels is recreated in polycarbonate. Halo, mirrors and rear diffuser/bumper are separately molded components. Markings are included to recreate the Championship Livery car, and the model is based upon the shaft-driven 4WD of the TC-01 chassis.

Model: TATC-007
Description:Chassis stiffener brace for Tamiya's TC-01, which stiffens the front end of your chassis to allow for more predictable steering and more consistent laptimes!..
Model: TATC-010
Description:Aluminum front lower suspension arm for a more durable car whilst out racing or even bashing on the road! In sleek black anodizing and high shine silver edges!..
Model: TATC-011
Description:Aluminum upgrade knuckle for Tamiya's TC01, fit for either the front or back! Comes in stealthy anodized black to keep the chassis a uniform black color!..
Model: TATC-012
Description:Aluminum ball raced steering rack for Tamiya's TC-01! Reduces slop when compared to the stock plastic part and get a more direct steering response!..
Model: TATC-013
Description:Aluminum damper extenders for using your shocks on Tamiya's TC01! Extends your shocks to the correct length so you get the correct rideheight and downstop settings!..
Model: TATC-003BK
Description:Increase suspension efficiency with these aluminum rocker arms to reduce suspension flex and get more grip from your chassis!..
Model: TATC-002
Description:Reduce the chassis flex due to the plastic tub with this front carbon stiffener! ..
Model: TATC-001
Description:Reduce the chassis flex due to the plastic tub with this carbon stiffening brace set! Comes in two pieces so you can fine tune the flex characteristics! ..
Model: TATT-030
Description:Universal swing shafts are made from durable, high quality hardened G45 Steel which means a stronger drivetrain which will translate to better throttle response..
Model: TATC-004
Description:Get more durability and cornering performance with these universals made from G45 steel! Universals will give you better cornering when compared to a dog bone setup and be more durable than the kit plastic units!..
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