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We have Aluminum Upgrade Hop Up Parts for Tamiya MF01-X Car Kit. Quality Product at good price

Model: TAMC-S07BU
Yeah Racing Aluminum Long-Span Suspension Arms And Knuckles Performance Upgrade Kit For Tamiya MF01X #TAMC-S07BU Description: Yeah Racing is now introducing the Aluminum Long-Span Suspension Arms And Knuckles performance upgrade kit for Tamiya MF01X as well too. Inspired by competition touring car ..
Model: TAMC-021BU
Yeah Racing Aluminum Universal Swing Shaft 33mm For TAMC-S07 #TAMC-021BU Description: This is Yeah Racing 7075 Aluminum Universal Swing Shaft 33mm For Yeah Racing's MF01X upgrade package: TAMC-S07. These universal swing shafts are made from durable, high quality hardened 7075 Aluminum.Noted : Need..
Model: YA-0705BK
Description:Adjust trackwidth easily with these aluminum shims, simply put these on the hexes before putting on wheel. Made from aluminum means these will not deform when installing wheel..
Model: YBS-0064
Description:Replace or upgrade to a fullset of bearings for your car for a smoother and more efficient running car! No more looking up all the sizes you need and potentially getting the wrong ones with these custom sets for specific cars!..
Model: TSAS-0005
Description:Replace all the screws to lower weight and the chance of rusting screws after running your rig in the wet!..
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