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Electronic device for rc cars, li-po monitor, telemetry sensors upgrades kit, power capacitor, voltage stabilizer, hyper booster capacitor & more from Yeah Racing

Model: YA-0720BK
Description:Install a 370 or 380 size motor onto your 540 sized motor mount! Sometimes you want slower speed and with a smaller motor this is the perfect way to achieve that! Included is a sleeve adaptor for you to use your normal sized pinions!..
Model: YE-0043BK
Description:High Capacity, quick charge time super capacitors for competitive Electric car racing! Encased in an aluminum shell to help with dissipating heat and the flat rectangular surfaces makes it easy to mount on your chassis...
Model: YE-0027BK
Yeah Racing Aluminum Case Hyper Booster Capacitor For RC Car Black #YE-0027BK Description: Super capacitor with specs matched perfectly for high powered brushless systems. This capacitor helps deal with voltage sag during hard acceleration, with very low internal resistance the charge/discharge r..
Model: YE-0040
Description:Quickly check the voltage of your packs before you go out for your qualifying run or race and make sure you're running a charged pack! With special banana plugs installed, this will work with both 4mm and 5mm packs! ..
Model: YE-0032
Description:High discharge rate AAA batteries for Mini-Z Competition or use these high capacity batteries for your transmitter or receiver packs!..
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