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Atsushi Hara (原篤志) is a Japanese professional radio-controlled car racer from Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture. He has won two IFMAR titles and a number of domestic ROAR and JMRCA titles.

Regarded as one of the biggest drivers in R/C racing at the times, He being not the only driver to successfully cross-discipline multiples of racing categories but to win world championship in both on and off-road and electric and nitro powered cars.

Atsushi Hara will represent and use Yeah Racing products on his rides for the 2019 to 2022 seasons.

Yeah Racing is their new Momentum tool line that was developed in cooperation with former IFMAR World Champion, The range will include wrenches and drivers, setup tools like ride height and droop gauges as well as accessories such as a car stand.


Atsushi Hara review for the Momentum series drivers.

Review from Atsushi Hara about the Momentum Series Tools.

Momentum 7075 Aluminum Chassis Droop Gauge Support Block For 1/10 Touring Car

Model: MMT-002

Momentum 7075 Aluminum Magnetic Droop Gauge For 1/10 Rc Car

Model: MMT-003

Magnetically secured droop blocks inside the gauge for a neat travel solution and less clutter on your pit table

Momentum 7075 Aluminum Chassis Ride Height Gauge

Model: MMT-004

Flip this ride height gauge on it's side and you will have measurements for measuring your body height!

Momentum 7075 Aluminum Multi Functional Parts Tray

Model: MMT-005

With slots to hold your touring car diff and plugs for easy soldering.

Momentum 7075 Aluminum Droop Gauge For 1/10 Touring Car

Model: MMT-006

Flip this rideheight gauge on it's side and you will have measurements for measuring your body height!

Momentum 7075 Aluminum Car Setup Stand For 1/10 Touring Car

Model: MMT-007

Momentum 7075 Aluminum Set Up System For 1/10 On Road Chassis & Suspension Measurement & Adjustment

Model: MMT-008

Our Setup System has been redesigned to give r/c racers accurate measurements for their 1/10 on road chassis's.

We improved the look and made it even more lightweight.

This time we incorporated bearings to keep everything smooth so the friction of your setup surface will not prevent the setup system from getting an accurate measurement.

Momentum 7075 Aluminum Wheel Marker For 1:10 Touring M-chassis

Model: MMT-010

Simple yet effective tool for marking wheel wells for easy cutting out, besides wheel wells you can also mark the height of how far it is off the ground.

Which is sometimes required sometimes racing on carpet tracks and to avoid your body scraping on the floor and affecting performance!

Besides for touring cars, there is an marked section in the center for marking mini bodies as well!

Momentum 7075 Aluminum Pro Grade 1.5mm / 2.0mm / 2.5mm / 3.0mm / 5.5mm / 7.0mm Hex Driver

Model: MMT-011 / MMT-012 / MMT-013 / MMT-014 / MMT-015 / MMT-016

Laser etched notches on the tip for easy identifying different tip sizes

Momentum Aluminum 7075 Tweak Wheel 2pcs For 1/10 Touring Car

Model: MMT-018

Accurately check if your 1/10 touring car has any form of tweak with this set of bearing supported weighted setup wheels!

Place your car on a flat surface and have the weights spun on their side.

Slowly lift your chassis and if a side rotates first, means that corresponding side is tweaked. Adjust your spring preload accordingly.

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