Check out our Aluminum Case Booster Fan.

A closer look to our Booster Fan.

Comes with redblue and black color scheme.

Perfect for fashion build.

Yeah Racing's well known Tornado 30mm fan updated with a full aluminum booster case, increasing the air flow being directed into the fan!

When mounted on a fan mount or esc, the large surface area of the aluminum will act as a giant heatsink as well!


  • For: ESC / Heatsink / Motor
  • Color: Red
  • Specification:

  • Mounting Holes: 30 x 30mm
  • Bearing: Dual Ball Bearing
  • Max Voltage: 8.4V
  • Power: 1.40W
  • Fan Speed: 14000 R.P.M (¡Ó20%) at 25¢J, after 3 min. rotating.
  • Current: 0.28A
  • Wire Length: 255mm
  • Connector: JST
  • High : 17mm
  • Use M3 16mm x 4pcs Screws (not included)

  • Why should you use fan on your RC cars?

    Adding one or several cooling fans can be a neat way to lower your RC motor temperatures.
    Usually, they are pretty cheap; some people even make their own cooling fans.
    Those fans are usually attached to a heat sink that is directly attached or wrapped around the RC’s motor.
    Motor cooling fans can lower the temperature of the motor by 10 to 20 °F.
    You may also want to add more fans that will keep the air under the hood moving.

    How do I know I might need a fan?

    1. You’ve installed bigger/heavier wheels to your RC car. They can overheat the motor because of the extra resistance and weight.
    2. You’ve fitted bigger gears to your RC. They will also create more resistance for your motor and will raise the temperatures.
    3. In very hot weather and direct sunlight, your RC motor will get very hot and may need additional cooling.
    4. You running your RC for long periods of time using multiple batteries.

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